SJB Performance Training

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This training program has been designed to give you all the essential tools and knowledge to improve your fitness level and ability as a rider. We often forget that the foundation of our riding starts with how well we move, so why do we not put more time and attention into this? Whether you're an everyday rider wanting to get better or even a professional rider looking for those marginal 1% gains, it starts with you!

So together let's start improving your imbalances, weaknesses and fitness level to be the very best rider you can be!

Equine Performance Training

What’s included?

SJB Performance Training Program

3 sessions per week

  • 1 x Mobility
  • 1 x Pilates
  • 1 x Strength and Conditioning

Equine Performance Training

Equine Performance Training Session

Also included:

  • - Support from your very own Personal Coach
  • - Riding demos with corrective exercises
  • - Progress tracking and accountability
  • - Posture analysis
  • - Mobility testing
  • - Core Strength training
  • - Habit coaching
  • - Community hub
  • - Mindfulness
  • - Nutrition
  • - Additional resources

All of this for just £45 p/m


Bespoke Individualised Programming available on request

We spend hours working with our trainers improving our horses suppleness, balance and way of going. But how much time do you spend working on your own imbalances, mobility, strength and conditioning? What if I told you working on these things are equally as important as your time in your riding lessons and hours spent riding your horse?

The 3 most important components for riding


Have you got enough range of motion required to sit correctly? Have you got the strength to maintain that range of motion? Are you balanced within your range of motion or do you have tightness and lack of control through one side?

All of these will effect how your horse moves and you may just find your imbalances are the reason your horse falls out through its shoulder or struggles more to one side. Correcting imbalances starts with us!


How many times do you hear your trainers say 'you need to work on getting a stronger core, that'll help'. How many times have you tried to work on increasing your plank holds but then it not really translating over to your riding even though you feel so much stronger? Activation through the whole core with dynamic movement instead of just static will have a huge benefit and a much better conversion over to your riding 'core strength'.


Last but not least we have your strength and conditioning for your 'rider fitness and performance'. The mindset of most riders is, running will get us fitter for our riding. But how many of you have starting running and not really felt the benefit, when you're out of breath coming out of a showjumping ring or running cross-country? There's a much more functional and effective way of creating that improvement in our performance. Building strength, endurance, and conditioning using movement that does translate over. Focusing on the muscle groups that we use and also movement patterns that replicate our positions when riding. Rather than just running along in a straight line with no real purpose or correlation to what we do in the saddle.

The SJB Equine Performance Training Events and Program have been designed to give you tools and knowledge to improve. Whether you're a professional rider looking for them marginal 1% gains or you're an everyday rider and want to get better. Let's start improving our weaknesses and imbalances to help make our horses even better!

Would you like an SJB Equine Performance Training session at your Riding Camp or Equestrian Event?

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